Discount Pricing Schedule - Year To Date Total

Discount Pricing Schedule— Year To Date Total
$0 – $1,499 0% Discount
$1,500 – $7,000 5% Discount
$7,001 – $15,000 10 % Discount
$15,001 + 15% Discount

Customers will be able to take a discount on their total purchases. Customer purchases are cumulative year to date, and discount levels are based on either last season’s year to date total purchases, or the current year to date running total; whichever is greater. This greater year to date total will be used to determine which discount level will apply. If a customer changes in mid season to a greater discount level, they are not eligible for a rebate on the previous purchases. Discounts are given at the time of purchase.

discount policy



“Decker’s customer service is excellent; they know their inventory, their product, and their customer.  They always do what they say they’re  going to do and in the set time frame.”

– Jennifer Radcliffe, William A. Natorp Company


“They have a great choice of plant material, which you know is going to be an excellent value and of consistent quality. Mike and Keith are not only knowledgeable, but can help you evaluate your products and growing methods and even “tailor” a product that best fits your scenario.”

– Jim Crumbacher, William A. Natorp Company